Build Up Runs Begin Saturday July 11th!

We’re nearing the start of our 16-week Marathon Build Up program! Our weekly training runs will take place at 8am on Saturday mornings beginning July 11th. The start/finish location will be by the Brady Street footbridge* on Lincoln Memorial Drive just south of McKinley Marina. Parking is available both at the marina and on Lincoln Memorial or Lagoon Drive.  These runs are FREE and open to the public! The PNC Milwaukee Running Festival team will be providing aid stations with water for participants and we will have routes for both marathon and half marathon trainees. Weekly mileage and maps can be found here.

If you are interested in volunteering at a water station you can sign up here.

Come join us in the build up to the event!



*The buildup runs on July 25th, August 9th and September 19th will take place starting at the Grant Park Clubhouse in South Milwaukee due to other events along the lakefront.

#MKERunFest Photo Series Week #8: Schlitz Brewery



It was “the beer that made Milwaukee famous,” and between miles 7 and 8 along the Milwaukee River, runners will see where Schlitz Brewing Co., once the largest beer company in the world, brewed its popular suds.

The company’s roots go back to 1849, when German immigrant August Krug started brewing beer in the basement of his Milwaukee restaurant. When Krug passed away in 1856, his bookkeeper, Joseph Schlitz, took over the brewery and renamed it Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co.

Fifteen years later, a tragedy put the brewery on the map. When the Great Chicago Fire occurred in 1871, Schlitz sent hundreds of barrels to the city, which had lost most of its breweries. It was this act of kindness that led to the brand’s famous slogan.

By 1902, Schlitz had sold more than 1 million barrels and continued as a leader in the beer industry, introducing the brown bottle to keep light from spoiling beer as quickly, the first 16-ounce flat-top beer can, and the first aluminum “soft top” can. In 1970 it became the largest brewery in the world when it built its 34-acre brewery in Winston-Salem, N.C., to keep up with demand.

Today the Schlitz brand is owned by Pabst Brewing Co. and is brewed under contract with MillerCoors. After attempts to preserve the original Schlitz brewhouse, the building was demolished in 2013, as it wasn’t feasible to restore for modern use. Its old location is now home to Schlitz Park.

Source: Schlitz Brewing Co.

Laura Allen is a writer and runner based in Milwaukee. You can connect with her at

#MKERunFest Photo Series Week #7: Brady Street


One of the high points of the PNC Milwaukee Running Festival is bound to be when the marathon and half marathon route takes a turn down Historic Brady Street at mile 6. Stretching nine blocks east to west between Lake Michigan and the Milwaukee River, Brady Street was once considered to be Milwaukee’s own “Haight-Ashbury.”

Between 1860 and 1930, Brady Street was home to early Polish, German and Irish immigrants. By 1930s the neighborhood became more predominantly Italian and earned the nickname “Milwaukee’s Little Italy.” Today Brady Street is known for it’s mix of retail shops, ethnic cuisine, coffee shops and salons. It has a vibrant nightlife and in the summer is home to the infamous Brady Street Days. This area is sure to be a great spot for spectating on the morning of November 1st!

Source: Brady Street BID