Runner Profile: Jennifer Hubbartt

jen madison marathon 2015MRF will be marathon #15 for me, and the third full marathon this year. I began my marathoning journey the year I turned 30 with a goal of one marathon per year.  Two years later I had my second daughter which put me out of the fall marathon circuit that year. That spring I realized I had some “catching up” to do, and start racking up more marathons each season (2-4 per year for the last three years now) as I grew to love not only the race day, but the entire training process. Oh, and since I surpassed my goal of one marathon per year the math shows that I’m not yet 45…just to clarify. 

I basically need to be in some sort of training cycle to feel myself; the start and finish lines and each mile in between are really my happy place and where I find harmony among the consonance and dissonance that is life.  Once I schedule my training plan in my Google calendar I stick with it, and track my progress as I go.  I’m very much a “by the book” and data-driven kind of runner. I have no plans of slowing down my endurance adventures, as I’m never sure when my body, resources, or other life factors could force me to stop.

I’m looking forward to MRF in it’s inaugural year, running entirely within my adopted city.  Since this is my third marathon this fall following a more triathlon-focused summer, I don’t have too much of a specific goal as far as time.  Although a PR is always nice, it depends on how my other races pan out.  I’m looking forward to toeing the start with my husband (and with two young kids that never happens!), rounding out what I hope to be a great marathon season, and prepping for my Big Hairy Audacious Goals for 2016!


Good luck to Jen at the marathon this fall, and with those Big Hairy Audacioous Goals! 

MRF Training Plans

You asked for it, here are some MRF training plans to sync with our Build Up run program. (We are currently in week 4.)  Information on our Saturday morning Build Up training runs can be found here. Our runs are free and open to the public- you don’t even have to be registered for the race to join in!

MRF Marathon Training Plan #1- Peaks at 44 miles a week

MRF Training Plan 1


MRF Marathon Training Plan #2-  Slightly lower mileage, peaks at 38 miles a week

MRF Training Plan 2


MRF Half Marathon Training Plan- Peaks at 26 miles a week

MRF Half marathon plan


Weekday miles can be adjusted slightly per your schedule (for example running Mon/Wed/Thurs instead of Mon/Tues/Thurs.) We do highly recommend resting the days before and after our long runs.

#MKERunFest Photo Series Week #13: Marquette University



Continuing along Wisconsin Avenue, the course for the PNC Milwaukee Running Festival marathon and half marathon runs right through the heart of Marquette University’s 93-acre campus. The university was established in 1881 by John Martin Henni, the first Bishop of Milwaukee. Marquette is a Catholic Jesuit school named after the missionary and explorer Father Jacques Marquette. Originally an all-male school, Marquette became the first co-ed catholic university in the world in 1909. Today it has a student body of about 12,000. We are proud to welcome Marquette University as the official sponsor of the Milwaukee 5K at the PNC Milwaukee Running Festival!

Just after mile 9, our marathon runners will split from the half marathon runners. The marathon will continue west on Wisconsin Avenue while the half marathon heads south on 16th Street. The two paths will meet up again for the final miles of both races.

Our photo series will continue to follow the marathon for now, but we will rejoin the half marathoners  at week 23!

Runner Profile: Christina Bauer


We are looking to highlight runners training for our event! Email to submit your running story.




Up until January of this year, I never ran. Ever. Zumba, yoga, weight lifting, walking…those were my exercises of choice. I did not WANT to run, but more importantly, I did not THINK I could run. It sounded scary: I’d hurt myself, look stupid, or just plain fail. In elementary school when we were forced to run “the mile,” I’d always finish last, huffing and puffing and bright red in the face.

But something got me onto a treadmill in January (a machine I previously loathed). I tried it out – admittedly there was more walking than running at first. I still didn’t enjoy it, but also didn’t quit. I had no idea what I was doing – I knew nothing of form, appropriate pace or use of inclines. I slowly increased my distance, while also trying to increase speed.

There was finally a day nice enough to run outside, which was a totally different experience than being in the gym. By this point, I began not only enjoying the sport, but also looking forward to the day’s run. I’d diligently check the weather forecast, and realized I was bummed whenever conditions were not nice enough for an outdoor run, forcing me back to the gym.

Then I signed up for a 5k. The Summerfest Big Gig 5k. By now, I had become accustomed to running outside and taking different routes. I learned it’s best to mix it up when training, or your body becomes complacent.

The experience was something brand new to me! It was cold and rainy for a June morning…not ideal and certainly nothing I had chosen to run in before. I didn’t know exactly where the start line was and quickly became nervous as the race start neared. Well, with 7000 people running a total of three races in this event, there’s no way I could be alone. I took my place at the starting corral, waited for the signal to begin, and was off!

The run was a hard one for me. The route was rather flat, but with all the newness of this experience, I felt figuratively lost. I didn’t have my best time. I didn’t run for the entire distance. I didn’t have a smile pasted to my face for the whole 3.1 miles. But I did enjoy it: the challenge of something new, the obstacle of crappy weather, and being surrounded by complete strangers all looking to achieve the same end. I did the best I could and was damn proud when I crossed the finish line.

I want to now train for a half marathon at the PNC Milwaukee Running Festival on November 1st, sprinkled with another 5k and 10k in between. This is a challenge I want to conquer, so here’s to more running!


You can read more on Christina’s blog, Eat, Drink, Be Healthy! here.