Course Preview: Hank Aaron State Trail


After leaving the Miller Valley, our runners will hop on the Hank Aaron State Trail just before mile 20. Here they will find themselves passing through Three Bridges Park. Once part of an abandoned rail yard, this area has since been transformed into a 24-acre park planted with native vegetation. The Urban Ecology Center currently uses Three Bridges Park as an outdoor science classroom to give kids hands-on experiences to explore waterways, native flora and fauna, and regional history.

Spectators:  The Hank Aaron Trail at the Urban Ecology Center would be a great area to catch your runner before they embark on the final 10K of the race.



Three Bridges Park will lead directly into Mitchell Park, home of the Mitchell Park Conservatory (a.k.a. “The Domes.”) The original Mitchell Park Conservatory was built in 1898 but was demolished in 1955 after it was determined to be unsafe and impractical to repair. A design competition won by local architect Donald Grieb produced the plans for the new conservatory- a design that featured three beehive-shaped glass domes that allowed 15,000 square feet of growing space for plant displays. The domes feature a diverse array of plant life from three distinct climates: Desert, Tropical and Floral.

Mitchell Park also is home to the Journey House Packer Stadium. Be prepared to take a lap around the field at mile 21!




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