Q: Is the marathon a Boston Marathon qualifier? +
A: Yes, the course is a USATF-certified and a Boston Marathon qualifier.
Q: What is the average weather like in Milwaukee in mid-October? +
A: the Average temperature on October 15 in Milwaukee is 52 degrees, with an average high of 60 and average low of 42.
Q: When Is Packet Pickup? +
A: Race packets can be picked up in person at the Pre-Party & Fitness Expo. All runners must show a photo ID to receive their packet. You may have a friend or family member pick up your packet for you. They will need a copy of your photo ID. If you are unable to pick up your packet at the expo, will call packet pick up is available for $25 and can be added on during registration. If you are already registered for the event, you can purchase will call packet pickup here.
Q: What if I am unable to run in the race? +
A: Unfortunately, we do not give refunds and do not allow deferrals or transfers.
Q: Can I switch distances? +
A: Yes, this is allowed. Check out the Registration page for details and instructions.
Q: How long is the course open? +
A: The course will remain open until 2 p.m. for the Half Marathon and Marathon. Runners must maintain a pace that corresponds with a 6.5-hour marathon.
Q: Do you allow headphones? +
A: Yes
Q: Is there a walker division? +
A: Walkers are welcome in all events, but are expected to maintain a 16-minute per mile pace, or move to the sidewalks, as streets will re-open after that time.
Q: Do you allow strollers? +
A: Yes
Q: Is there a capacity for the race? +
A: The Marathon is limited to 3,500 participants and the Half Marathon to 6,500 participants.
Q: Who gets a medal? +
A: All finishers in the 5K, 10k, Mile Race, Half Marathon, and Marathon will get a medal.
Q: How old do you have to be to run the marathon? +
A: Marathon participants need to be 18 years of age on race day. Half marathon need to be 14 years of age on race day.
Q: Does this event support a charity? + Answer+
A: Yes, we plan to have a very strong charity component. In addition to being a non-profit organization itself, the Milwaukee Running Festival will encourage participants to raise money for supporting charities. Visit the Charity Program page for more information.
Q: Who can participate in social and buildup runs? +
A: All Social Runs and Buildup Runs are open to everyone; not just people who have registered for race events.
Q: Do you have more questions? +

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